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What inspires you to move, and push your body in new directions?

I grew up in a creative household where sport was a dirty word.  Exercise was done in prescribed amounts, but never loved.

At age 24, after an incredible adventure trekking the Himalayan mountains, and walking my way through India, my system had a complete collapse.  My body was sending me a message and I needed to listen.

I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, spent a year in and out of hospital, in constant pain, and on a regimen of far too many experimental drugs. I decided enough was enough.

If my body was screaming at me, it was time to listen.  I threw out my walking stick, cleaned out the pantry, and worked with a trainer and yoga teacher. I educated myself on health and fitness, ate clean, and spent two hours a day just moving and getting strong.  Exercise and food were my medicine.

Three years on, this new way of life needed new focus. I studied food technology and health and fitness formally.  I move my body because I must, but now I do it with passion and complete dedication.  If you listen to your body it will reward you, and feeling good is really the most amazing gift in the world.

How do you find time to exercise and train others, when there are so many distractions in life?

Life is busy for all of us.  I run a business, and am a wife and mother of two toddlers just ten months apart, which leaves little time for anything else.  Finding a balance is difficult, but I believe that if you integrate training into all aspects of your life, it’s totally achievable.  If you’re in the kitchen making dinner do some calf raises and squats. When the kids go to bed, tag team with hubby and run around the block.  I love to exercise with friends, too. Rather than going to the pub, or having a coffee, we walk and talk or make the most of an amazing beach day.

In the park, play with the kids, and get the whole family working out together.   My theory is that feeling good takes about 40 minutes of effective exercise a day, so you just keep it in perspective.  That 40 minutes equals a lifetime of energy and feeling great.   You just have to think outside of the box!

What fuels your body?

I keep my eating clean, no sugar, no gluten, or dairy – and I make sure I get a complete balance. My refrigerator is constantly bursting at the seams with fresh fruit and veg.  The pantry is stocked with all kinds of yummy grains.  If it comes in a box or a bottle, then generally I stay away from it.  Mother nature gave us a pretty amazing variety of foods to choose from and I love them all.  I prep all my meals ahead of time and always have healthy snack boxes on hand.

  • First thing upon waking: bottle of water and some fresh lemon or green tea.
  • Morning: Pea protein shake, fruit, almond butter.
  • Lunch: Protein (usually salmon or tempeh) and vegetables.
  • Supper: Protein (usually egg whites or fish) and vegetables.
  • Snacks or sweets: Almonds, or power ball, boiled egg, or the wheels come off, and I have a big bowl of coconut yogurt with fresh fruit and a dash of honey.  Doughnuts are my darkest weakness but I try to resist.
  • Favourite beverage: Carbonated mineral water makes my insides sparkle. Love a little Tea2 in the afternoon with a lovely sweet potato brownie.

What makes you laugh, smile and be joyful?

I love it when I can make a client feel better about their abilities, get them feeling confident and loving the skin they are in.  Reducing someone’s pain, lowering their stress, or just showing them that there is a way to love movement makes me smile.  I get kick out of going to work and really enjoy the time I spend building lasting relationships with my clients.